All of Life is Worship

This truth exploded in our church as we began to work our way through Romans 12-16. The great theological and doctrinal declarations of Romans 1-11 reveal Paul’s high view of God and his magnificent Christology. God is at the center of all things not man. God created us for worship. The very end of all that we are and do is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. The end of worship is worship! The fuel and goal of missions is worship as John Piper so clearly demonstrates in his book Let the Nations Be Glad.

God deserves our Worship

The existence of Providence Baptist Church is founded upon and maintained by our glorious God who has called us to worship. The very architecture and design of our building was planned and built with worship as the goal. The massive beams that support the sanctuary, the dark colors contrasted with the light colors, the abundance of natural light from the high arched windows to the high vaulted ceilings all shout that we serve a great and awesome God who must be worshiped in spirit and truth and in the beauty of holiness.

Our worship corporately is accentuated by beauty, order and simplicity. From the architecture to the magnificent music, to the exposition of God’s word the worship of Providence is consistent with a high view of God.

Our desire is to make much of God and to make Him known locally and globally. We understand that everything we do, from the breath we take, to the food we eat, to the jobs we do, to the schools we attend, to the families we raise, to the enjoyment of life in all its manifold experiences is a gift of God that calls forth the highest declaration of God’s superior value and worth above all things. Worship at Providence extends far from a formal service that commences weekly at 10:15 am and ends at 11:45 am. Worship is our high calling, our grand delight and undergirds all that we do as a church in service, evangelism and mission. All of life is worship.

See Our Vision Statement and Document for more.

Sunday Schedule

9 am - Sunday School

10:15 am - Worship Service