K - Groups


K Groups are a family ministry providing instruction in God’s Word and loving fellowship and care to the body of Christ in small group settings (Acts 2:36-47).

Each group has facilitator and a host home family, and there are generally about 15 people in a group. K Group sessions will be held on Wednesday nights beginning at 6 pm and, a light meal is provided by one of the K Group’s families at each weekly gathering in the host home. After a short time of fellowship during the meal, the facilitator using a set of questions prepared in advance by the pastor and based on the previous Sunday’s scripture lesson leads a Bible Study. Those questions will be made available in the bulletin at each Sunday’s worship time so that, members can answer them and complete any additional study necessary prior to the K Group Wednesday evening session. Extra copies are available from each facilitator should someone not be able to attend the Sunday worship time. A season of prayer completes the K Group time.

The entire K Group session lasts no more than 1½ hours, including the meal. The host home family appreciates promptness on arrival and departure. Children ages 5 and up are encouraged to be included as a part of the family K-Group setting and may bring quiet activities to the host home such as books or crayons.

K Group sessions are weekly on Wednesday nights. The sessions lasts approximately 16 weeks. There is a four to six week break in between the two sessions. K Group members are encouraged to invite visitors to the K Group sessions this bible study and fellowship time, and bringing them to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus, if they do not know Christ. The home study atmosphere is an excellent and non confrontational environment for sharing Christ. Please let the facilitator and/or hostesses know in advance when you bring visitors. All church members are encouraged (but not required) to join a K Group and fully participate in this ministry to the body of Christ. Church members are encouraged to change K Groups after each session to get to know other members on the body of Christ.

K-Group Schedule

Wednesday evenings @ 6:00 PM. Contact the church office for more information.