The Reciprocating Blessing of Sunday School

Posted May 22 | Dr. Blair Waddell

The Reciprocating Blessing of Sunday School


One of the great blessings that we have as a church is our Sunday School. It is wonderful to think that every week we have the opportunity to grown through teaching in smaller intimate groups apart from our normal worship service. It is even more of a blessing to our children as they receive the benefit of specialized instruction for their particular age level. The Sunday School at Providence Baptist Church is becoming more intentional in the spiritual formation of each individual disciple of Christ. Your pastors and elders are working to improve our education system. We hope in the coming days it will be even more of a blessing than it has before in the past. However, there are some that are not taking advantage of this golden opportunity. For whatever reason, there is a broad difference in attendance between our worship. I would ask you to examine what your motivation is for not attending. Even, I with a masters degree in theology and a doctorate in church history feel the need to attend Sunday School. I get much more from it than instruction, I get to be with God’s people in an intimate setting. This Sunday is Promotion Sunday for our Sunday School. We begin fresh new classes on June 1st. I hope you will join us.

Just as we hope to be blessed by the instruction of our teachers, I would like to ask you to bless them in return and make what they do a joy. There are three simple ways you can do this. First, make every effort to attend all the classes. The teachers have designed the curriculum to be presented to particular number of students. Many of them would like to incorporate discussions and activities in the course, but these easily become prohibitive when there are not enough people to participate. Of course, your teachers understand when you have to be away, but could you please let them know when you might be traveling ahead of time so that they can plan accordingly. Second, be on time. This is particularly important for our children’s classes. The themes they teach build off of ideas presented at the beginning of the class. When a child shows up later, it’s easy for the student to feel excluded already and makes it difficult for the teacher to catch up. I would like to ask you not to let church be what slides in your sense of timing- you don’t dishonor your work place by being late, why would you dishonor the house of God? (And in way of an aside- don’t let being late become a reason for not attending class- that is truly a poor excuse when the family of God is meeting together- we need you and we want you!). And lastly, come prepared to class. Try to take some time to reflect on the material. Have a teachable spirit. Remember, your reason for coming is to meet with Christ. It dishonors Him if your mind is elsewhere. We have some fantastic classes for you and I hope you will sign up this Sunday so we can be prepared for materials on the very first Sunday. Below is a description of the new adult classes. I particularly want to draw your attention to our Church History Class. It is one of the core curriculum courses at Providence Baptist and if you have not taken it yet, I would encourage you to do so.


Martin Luther coined this phrase: "the gospel according to Isaiah." Of all OT books, Isaiah is the book that best describes the gospel of Jesus Christ as we know it from the NT. Isaiah 61:1-2 is the passage Jesus reads in the synagogue in Luke 4:16-21, after which he says, "Today this Scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing." In this class, we will look at Isaiah's Messianic prophecies, and how the prophecies have their fulfillment in the person and work of Christ and his church today. 

THE CHURCH IN HISTORY  Teacher: Mike Watson

This is the first Session of a three Session class covering Church History from Pentecost through today.  This Session will cover the Early Church through the end of the Roman Empire.  This age includes a review of Acts, a study of the early Patriarchal Churches, the persecution of the church, the conversion of the Roman Empire to Christianity, and the spread of Christianity through Europe.  

CAN WE TRUST THE BIBLE? Teacher: Greg Barnett

In this class, you will develop a strong confidence in the reliability of the scripture. With the ever increasing attacks that are directed at the divine Scriptures, it is imperative that we understand the true historical context in which we have received the Word of God. In this course, we will address contemporary issues of inerrancy, the historical development of the Old and New Testament canons, the intertestamental writings (apocrypha), and bible translation. 

DISCIPLINES OF A GODLY MAN  (For Men and Teenage Guys Only) Teacher: John Dixon

The times in which we live present unique challenges to your faith. The multiple stressors, albeit good desires, of: wanting to love your wife well; teaching and mentoring your children; trying to provide for your family while honoring GOD through your work; seeking to serve your church and community; take a toll on your emotional, physical, and material capital. Our lives cry for balance and yet that balance seems outside our grasp most of the time. What's missing? Biblical and spiritual disciplines that GOD would use in our lives to set us free from undue stress and to draw us into a deeper relationship with HIM.

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