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Spring Quarter Classes (April - June 2018)

Spring Quarter Classes (April - June 2018)

God's Majesty in Education

Each semester, Providence Baptist Church offers a variety of Sunday School classes covering relevant topics, books and Scripture as applicable to the life of the believer and the church.  Our cross-generational adult classes are not segregated by age, college, career, marital status or sex but each consists of a diverse membership, allowing the young and the young-in-Christ alike to benefit from the collective knowledge of other members. The current topics being offered include:


College and Singles Equipping Course:  Philippians 

(Bible 250)

Teachers:  Robert Smith

Textbook:  The Bible

What or who are you living for?  Why does the Apostle Paul have joy while he is imprisoned for his faith in Jesus? How can we help each other share the gospel with the lost?  If you are College age or a young single, join us as we study the book of Philippians and discuss these and other important questions.


Foundational Course:  The Epistles & Revelation 

(New Testament Survey 102)

Teacher:   Jim Carter

Textbook: The Bible

This class is the second of a two-quarter course that surveys the entirety of the New Testament.  The first course surveyed the Gospels and Acts. This course is an introductory examination of the historical background, structure, purpose, content and general character of the New Testament Epistles, including the book of Revelation.  Students will engage the material via lecture, reading, discussion, and small group in-class study exercises all with the intent of equipping the student to correctly interpret and apply the New Testament.


Equipping Course: Colossians

(Bible 251)

Teacher:  Dennon Clardy

Textbook:  The Bible

Paul's primary purpose in writing the letter to the Colossians was to refute the false teaching that was threatening the Colossian church.  He countered this false knowledge within the Colossian church by making a plea for a fuller knowledge found in Christ, emphasizing the exalted nature and unmatched glory of Christ.  In order for believers to recognize and counter false teaching and beliefs, we must be certain of what is true.


Equipping Course :  The Gospel of Mark

(Bible 241) 

Teacher:  Mike Watson

Textbook: The Bible

The Gospel According to Mark is the shortest Gospel account in the New Testament.  Focusing on the ministry of Christ, His prophetic works, His teachings to his disciples, His declaration as King, and His death and resurrection that freed us from our sins!  This course is the 2nd quarter of a two quarter course considering the person and works of God the Son, Jesus Christ.


Womens Equipping Class: 1st Peter

 (Bible 260)  

Teacher:  Sue Carter

Textbook: The Bible

This class is for women looking at Peter’s first epistle and application in the lives of Christian women.  Peter’s epistle to the scattered church helps us in our modern age to navigate through uncertain times. We see once again our sure foundation in the finished work of Christ which is our hope as we engage the culture in which we now live. Peter never lets his people blame the culture for their problems. Rather, he exhorts Christians to conduct themselves properly among the community of believers but especially among the non-believing society. He tries to help Christians understand and endure suffering that often comes from relationships with non-Christians.