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Current Classes

Current Classes

Each semester, Providence Baptist Church offers a variety of Sunday School classes covering relevant topics, books and Scripture as applicable to the life of the believer and the church.  Our cross-generational adult classes are not segregated by age, college, career, marital status or sex but each consists of a diverse membership, allowing the young and the young-in-Christ alike to benefit from the collective knowledge of other members. The current topics being offered include:



Children's Classes - Preschool through 6th Grade

Our children's curriculum is from Desiring God Ministries. The purpose of the curriculum is stated well: "The greatest need children have is to know and cherish the infinite value of God. We want children to become so acquainted with the Word of God that they treasure Him alone as the One who saves and satisfies the heart. The goal of the curriculum is to fuel spiritual desire in children by exalting the greatness and worth of God and His glorious work through Christ." This curriculum supports our mission to nourish God's people in the Word of God by declaring the sovereign majesty of God through proclamation, exaltation and education for the glory of God.



Junior High Students - Treasuring God's Word

Teacher: Phillip Rigsby

What makes the Bible unique? Can I be confident that the Bible is the Word of God? What's the big story of the Bible? This study takes students on a journey of discovering the uniqueness of the Bible, why it can be trusted, and how it is one unified story of God's redemption through Christ. We will learn about genres of biblical literature, how to interpret scripture and students will be changed to know God more deeply by hearing and doing His Word.



Senior High Students - Bible Study Methods and Hermeneutics

Teacher: Rev. Brian Milby 


If you want a faith that is truly mature, it requires a mind that is well informed; that is why it is critical that we train our students to be diligent in their study of God's Word. This semester we are equipping the students to get more out of their study of God's Word by teaching the inductive Bible Study method. We will be covering the three fundamental skills required for sound Bible Study: Observation, Interpretation, and Application. We will then apply these principles through a verse by verse study of the Book of James.



College and College Age Singles

Teachers: Doug and Steffany Thomas

Textbook: The Bible

In this class, we will be starting a study of the book of Romans.  We have finished our study of the book of Daniel.  In Daniel, God foretells us and gives us the timing of His plan for history and of Daniels’, and His people Israel’s, place in fulfilling it.

In Romans, God shows us, in systematic fashion, what His eternal plan is and how He has accomplished it: to reconcile a broken, fallen world to Himself; to restore people to fellowship with Himself and each other; to give them eternal life; and what that means for each one of us.



Prospective Members Class (010) / A Gospel Primer (020)

Taught by Steve Smartt & Dr. Blair Waddell

Textbook:  The Bible with study guidance using A Gospel Primer by Milton Vincent. Providence Baptist Church Articles of Faith and By Laws


This course provides an overview of the vision, ministry and organization of Providence Baptist Church. In it you will learn about our policies and strategies in fulfilling our mission statement as well as discovering ways you can serve. You will also have the opportunity to hear testimonies from current church members and develop new friendships. The introduction to the church lasts six weeks.  There is no obligation to join the church. This will be followed by a six-week course on the importance of the Gospel in the life of a Christian.  The course will show the importance of the Gospel every day in the Christian life.



Bible 227: Daniel

Taught by Mike Watson

Textbook: The Bible

This class is for all Adults. When God sent his people into captivity for breaking the Covenant, he provided a help and caretaker in the foreign courts in the person of Daniel and his 3 friends.  Their life’s show us how to live for and honor God in the midst of a pagan culture and persecution.  The book also contains several prophecies relating to the time between the return to Israel and the ministry of Jesus Christ (the inter-testament period).  The meaning of some aspects of these prophecies and their extension to today differs among reformers and commentators.  We will look at these and how they have been understood to provide comfort to God’s people in times of trouble.



Christian Ethics 201:  Worship

Taught by Mark Smith

Textbook:  The Bible with study guidance using Worship: The Ultimate Priority, by Dr. John MacArthur

You were saved to worship. Worship is a taste of heaven on earth. Do you experience the nearness of God when you "worship"? We will study what it means to worship in spirit and in truth while learning from the Bible how you can develop a lifestyle of worship. This course is for everyone who wants to deepen their worship life.

For those who took this course last year, don't be afraid to take it again. We will spend more time in class studying and discussing key scriptures and how to apply them to our lives in worship.



Spiritual Disciplines 101: The Spiritual Disciplines of the Christian Life

Taught by Randy Cox

Textbook:  The Bible with study guidance using The Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Donald Whitney

How does one gain greater understanding of the Christian faith? They appropriate the spiritual disciplines into their life. This course will teach the student about the disciplines of prayer, bible reading, meditation, journaling, worship, evangelism and more.