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Fall Quarter Classes (October - December 2018)

Fall Quarter Classes (October - December 2018)

God's Majesty in Education

Each semester, Providence Baptist Church offers a variety of Sunday School classes covering relevant topics, books and Scripture as applicable to the life of the believer and the church.  Our cross-generational adult classes are not segregated by age, college, career, marital status or sex but each consists of a diverse membership, allowing the young and the young-in-Christ alike to benefit from the collective knowledge of other members. The current topics being offered include:


Foundational Courses

Evangelism 101

Teacher:   Mike Watson

Textbook: The Bible with study guidance using Tell the Truth by Will Metzger.

This class will reinstate the truth framework necessary for the survival of evangelism. Biblical illiteracy among evangelicals is on the rise. Theological discernment between truth and error is increasingly elusive. We need to be recalibrated not to the changing times but to the changeless gospel. This course will refocus and re-energize us to communicate the whole gospel, wholly by grace, truthfully and lovingly.


Equipping Courses

Bible 201: Joshua

Teacher:  Randy Cox

Textbook:  The Bible

Why should I study the book of Joshua? What biblical principles can be found in an ancient narrative with grim accounts of war, slaughter, and conquest?

The book of Joshua is not a biography of Joshua in the strictest sense. While it tells us a great deal about Joshua, like the other Old Testament narratives, this book was written to warn us and encourage us. It is to our benefit to examine the life and ministry of Joshua to learn the biblical principles that will help us to better know and serve the Lord.

Sign up for our study of Joshua and examine the biblical principles contained in this Old Testament narrative and discover how we may apply them to our lives.


Bible 217: The Narrative of Esther (Women’s Course)

Teacher:  Vickie Hutchison

Textbook: The Bible with study guidance using Inconspicuous Providence by Bryan Gregory.

This is a Women’s Bible Study on the Book of Esther. Life is filled with mosaics and complexities. While Scripture does not give us specific instructions as we face decisions that are not clear cut, it does provide the lens through which we can view them to make wise and thoughtful judgments. As we study the book of Esther, we’ll see how it informs us in our own particulars of life. The book is typically cast today as a Cinderella story filled with beauty, drama, and courage. But the book is not really about Esther, although she’s privileged to play a part. We’ll glean many truths and principles for living from the study, but the enriching grains will not be found by pursuing Esther’s qualities. Even though the book never mentions Him, the book speaks volumes about the providence of God and His providing hand. We’ll see how He uses weak and flawed people—people much like ourselves—and their relationships to bring encouragement and hope. We’ll examine the characters in their historical backdrop and consider God’s counsel for our own lives in such a time as we now live, as we, too, find ourselves at odds with our culture and encounter pressures to conform.

It will be beneficial to read through the book of Esther before class begins. Supplemental reading will be Inconspicuous Providence by Bryan Gregory, who encourages us that while God appears uninvolved, it is His “absent presence” and “hidden involvement” that delivers His people.


Building Courses

Bible 302: The Mission of Jesus Christ

Teacher:  Jim Moorhead

Textbook: The Bible

The incarnate Son of God came to this earth to fulfill a mission. In this class we are going to look at how Jesus went about fulfilling his mission. We will address questions such as, “What did Jesus see and what did he experience?” “What was his life like in first century Israel and what and why did he do the things he did?” We will concentrate on why Jesus taught what he did, rather than what he taught. We are also going to be looking at the interaction between the divine nature of Jesus Christ and the human nature of Jesus Christ and how they worked together. This is the first of a two-quarter class.


College and Singles Class Equipping Course

Bible 250 – The Gospel of Luke

Teacher:  Robert Smith

Textbook:  The Bible

Join us for an exciting study into the life and ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. As we open this Gospel, where Jesus’ friends as well as the crowds who followed him were constantly amazed by his teaching and his mighty works, we too will be amazed to see good news preached to the poor, the Spirit work in connection to prayer, and a radical call to leave everything to follow Jesus. In this overview, we will study the historical context of the Gospel of Luke, as well as challenge ourselves to glorify Christ by sharing his love with the poor and needy around us.