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Summer Quarter Classes (July-September 2018)

Summer Quarter Classes (July-September 2018)

God's Majesty in Education

Each semester, Providence Baptist Church offers a variety of Sunday School classes covering relevant topics, books and Scripture as applicable to the life of the believer and the church.  Our cross-generational adult classes are not segregated by age, college, career, marital status or sex but each consists of a diverse membership, allowing the young and the young-in-Christ alike to benefit from the collective knowledge of other members. The current topics being offered include:



Foundational Courses

New Members 010/Gospel Primer 020

Teachers:   Steve Smart/Blair Waddell

Textbook: The Bible with study guidance using the Providence Baptist Church Articles of Faith and By Laws; and A Gospel Primer by Milton Vincent

This course provides an overview of the vision, ministry and organization of Providence Baptist Church. In it you will learn about our policies and strategies in fulfilling our mission statement as well as discovering ways you can serve. You will also have the opportunity to hear testimonies from current church members and develop new friendships. The introduction to the church lasts six weeks.  There is no obligation to join the church. In the second six weeks the course will focus on the importance of the Gospel in the life of a Christian.  The course will show the importance of the Gospel every day in the Christian life.


Equipping Courses

Parenting 201

Teacher:  Jim Carter

Textbook:  The Bible with study guidance using Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles by Paul David Tripp

What is missing in most Christian parents’ parenting are the big grand perspectives and principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. When you parent with what the gospel says about God, you, your world, your children, and God’s grace, you carry the burden of parenting in a very different way. Ownership parenting is motivated and shaped by what parents want for their children and from their children. Ambassadorial parenting is about what God in grace has planned to do through us in our children. We will discuss how we, as parents, are constantly torn between what we want and what God wants for our children. It is truly a turf battle of our hearts.


Building Courses

Bible 302: The Parables of Jesus

Teacher:  Mark Smith

Textbook: The Bible with study guidance using Parables by John MacArthur

Jesus' parables were ingeniously simple word pictures with profound spiritual lessons. His teaching was full of everyday stories. Some of them were no more than fleeting remarks about commonplace incidents, objects, or persons. In fact, the most compact of all Jesus' short stories does not even fill a complete verse of Scripture. Jesus was the master storyteller, and there was not a truism so familiar or doctrine so complex that he could not give it new depth and insight through the telling of a simple story. These narratives epitomize the simple yet powerful profundity of His message and teaching style. In this study, we will look at the context that motivated Jesus to teach in parables and then take a tour of twelve parables in the Gospels to see what they teach and how they impact our lives. We will use Parables by John MacArthur as our guide.


Bible 301: The History of the English Bible

Teacher:  Mike Hutchison

Textbook: The Bible

In many ways it seems that today the Scriptures are under attack as never before.  The truth claims of the Bible are discounted by our culture in general and even attacked from within Christianity itself. In this course we will examine how we got the Bible. We will review the doctrines of inspiration, infallibility, inerrancy, and preservation of the Scripture as well as overview the Old and New Testament canons and why some writings were not included in the canon. We will talk about the different types of manuscripts and text families, and why some manuscripts are regarded as more authoritative than others. We will discuss textual criticism and what is called higher criticism and how they are different. We will briefly discuss some of the challenges of translating from the original languages into English. With this foundation, we will discuss English translators and translations before 1880, translations since 1880, and the significance of that date. We will finish with discussion of the differences between different Bible versions and some thoughts on how to evaluate the available different modern English translations.


College and Singles Class Equipping Course (June-August)

Bible 250 – Survey of the minor prophets

Teacher:  Robert Smith

Textbook:  The Bible

What is the main message of the Minor Prophets? What do these books have to do with our lives today? How do they point us to Jesus Christ?  We will look at the historical situation of each prophet to help us understand how the book points us to Jesus and how it should change our lives. (This class topic runs from June- August.)