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Why Kgroups?

If you think relationships are an important part of healthy church life, and I hope you do, then small groups (Kgroups) should also be important to you. They are actually crucial to the life of any healthy church.

A lot of Christian discipleship deals with what you need to know, not who you need to be with. That is sad, because if we get our relationships right, the information will follow. If we connect with people in real gospel togetherness, we will learn.  We often don’t take relationship-based discipleship seriously enough.  When we preach the gospel to one another (reference The Gospel Primer by Milton Vincent) in close-knit groups, there is spiritual growth that changes us individually and as a whole. That change causes an outward focus in us and encourages gospel transformation in groups outside the church walls. As much as I love gathering with the body of believers at Providence Baptist for corporate worship on Sunday mornings, there is something powerful about an intimate gathering in a living room or at a dining room table that forces us to think differently than when we are in a big room for worship. Small groups are where much of the theology taught in our pulpit is “fleshed out” in conversation and action using the questions from the sermons.

Ed Stetzer and Eric Geiger in their book Transformational Groups describe four factors that are evident in transformational churches that are foundational to small group success. First, personal discovery happens in small groups better than large groups for a number of reasons. You can learn, ask questions, involve yourself in the lives of others, and make yourself vulnerable among other people who are doing the same in small groups. Spiritual growth happens better with others with open lines of communication and freedom to speak into one another’s lives. Second smaller groups have a level of intimacy easily lost as numbers grow.  You simply cannot know everyone beyond a certain point, and you most likely will not open up about your struggles in a large group of people you don’t know. The third factor is that small groups deliver deeper friendships that lovingly allow us to be held accountable. When people know you, your life becomes far more transparent, including your struggles. Others can encourage you and point you to Scripture where there is hope and help to deal with real life difficulties as they surface. This is part of what we should expect from good friends. Finally, small groups deliver maximum participation. Church life issues can be discussed openly among trusted friends. Lives are sharpened and leaders developed. Small groups are an absolute necessity for involving as many people as possible in the life and ministry of your church.

Kgroups at Providence Baptist are not an afterthought; they are part of our personal growth focus as we daily are conformed into the image of Christ Jesus.

Don’t miss out.  Sign up for a Kgroup and build healthy relationships with fellow believers who love you.