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Vacation Bible School

Our VBS begins next week, Monday-Friday, June 5th-9th.
This year we will continue our Scottish Sleuths curriculum series as the kids follow the adventures of Scottish Super Sleuths, Angus McTavish and Professor Dabney Thornwell, as they are called upon to solve a Biblical ‘case’ with the help of the VBS children. The detective characters symbolically portray the message that we want the students to learn to become thoughtful investigators of Biblical truth. Our theme this year is called ‘The Case of the Baffling Beginnings.' Starting in the first chapter of Genesis, the study presents the stories of God’s perfect Creation, the fall of man (Corruption), the Consequences of a fallen world, God’s Covenant with His people, and the restoration of creation in Christ. The overarching truth is that God is lovingly sovereign over all His creation.  It is the powerful GOSPEL story that should captivate the minds of our students and prayerfully renew hearts. 
We are so grateful for the many volunteers that make this week possible and ask for the church body to join us in prayer for our ministry next week.